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Custom Team Fittings $300.00

Custom Team Fittings

The highest level of athletic mouthwear is custom in every way. We send a dental professional to your facility to take accurate impressions of teeth. We then fabricate mouth guards that are custom for each payer. We assess the amount of protection they need, plus the desired airway position. This...
Custom $1,500.00


These are completely customized for each athlete and are in editions of one. This means you can speak with our designers to have a mouth guard that there will only be one of in the world. This is the most customized for to positively impact athletic performance, and has the most unique appearance...
Danny Green Custom $100.00

Danny Green Custom

 Danny insists on protection with high breathability. Also, Danny wants to be able to interview without appearing like he has a mouthpiece in. This mouthguard is super thin, clear, and very durable. 
Standard Danny Green Edition $300.00

Standard Danny Green Edition

 This is a standard mouthguard without lettering or logos. This mouthguard is effective and durable. 
Weightlifting Guards $300.00

Weightlifting Guards

More oxygen in muscles equals better weightlifting performance, and faster recovery. This mouthguard is worn on the lower teeth to reposition the jaw and open the airway during lifting.
Milani Malik $175.00

Milani Malik

 The Milani Malik mouthguard has incredible design, plus a portion of each sale goes to support Breast Cancer Initiatives. The design is pink or clear with a pink accent. This has superior breathability, duarbility, and comfort.
Milani Malik CUSTOM $350.00

Milani Malik CUSTOM

This mouthguard is available with custom lettering. That way you can support Milani's efforts supporting breast cancer awareness, while putting your own initials, name, or short phrase on the mouthguard. (Limit 12 characters). The design offers Milani's super breathability and high level of ...
Private Label $1,500.00

Private Label

Imagine owning the same mouthguard as your favorite pro athlete. These Private Label mouth guards are made in editions of 10.  
Golf Mouthwear $350.00

Golf Mouthwear

Golfers are finding more and more that oxygenated slow twitch muscles, skull and head balance, and dental alignment are correlated to longer, more accurate golf. In a sport where one single stroke makes a winner, alignment of the lower jaw to the skull and to the core is critical.
Cycling/Running Guards $300.00

Cycling/Running Guards

Muscular oxygenation is critically important for performance in aerobic performance sports such as cycling and running. Opening the airway has been shown to improve overall oxygenation of the body. These guards, worn on lower teeth, reposition the lower jaw, thus opening the airway.
King Louis V $300.00

King Louis V

For the ultimate in athletic luxury apparel allow us to customize a mouthguard complete with "bling". We offer these in real diamonds and in costume diamonds. Contact us to discuss.