Iceberg Guards is partnering with the most elite gyms and trainers in the United States. Get your custom fitted guard with your gym or trainer's logo on it. Is your gym or trainer not on our list and you want us to reach out? Contact Us and let us know who we should speak to in order to get the partnership started.

Phyt NYC

Phyt NYC


Phyt nyc (pronounced fit) is a Manhattan-based personal training company catering to busy urban professionals. We focus the mind, intensify the body and help you achieve your desired fitness goals.

Discover the art of conditioning the body with an ever-evolving workout and lifestyle approach tailored to you.

We'll listen to your aspirations and concerns. We'll create training sessions at an intensity uniquely appropriate for your particular conditioning, your abilities, and your limitations. It's the support you need to transform your body, life and self-perception.

We incorporate different styles of training (body weight, strength, kettle bell, etc) so you identify weaknesses and capitalize on strengths.

You and your trainer will work to build a healthy body on the inside and a sculpted physique on the outside.

To learn what Phyt Condition can do for you, call Jonas Serrano at 212-688-7498 for an appointment