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Mouthguards for Elite Athletes

how to order

STEP 1: Find A Mouth Guard

step 2: Receive your Impression kit in the mail (PRESS PLAY--->)

step 3: send it back!

step 4: your New guard Arrives in about 2 weeks 


Not comfortable with taking your own dental impression? Visit our dental partner page to find a local ICEBERG GUARD affiliated dentist near you. 

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Dental Partners:

Not comfortable taking your own impression and want some help? Visit one of the ICEBERG GUARD Dental Partner.

Want to be the ICEBERG GUARD dental partner for your city? Contact Us

Smile Design Manhattan


Dr. Lee Gause, DDS - Smile Design Manhattan
24 W 57TH St. Ste 507 New York, NY 10019 - (212) 421-3418

Gayle Dental


Dr. George S. Gayle IV, DDS - Gayle Dentistry
1776 Yorktown St. Suite 880, Houston, TX 77056 - (713) 627-1090




Dr. Robin Asbury- Metro Smiles PC                          9025 E. Mineral Circle, Ste. 102 Centennial, CO 80112 - (303) 768-8443