About Iceberg Guards

What is performance
mouth wear?

Performance mouth wear refers to an appliance worn in the mouth that offers the following functions:

  • Protection against traumatic injury to your head and teeth

  • Increased oxygenation of muscles during sports

  • Jaw repositioning to yield a stronger and faster responding athlete

How did performance mouth wear come about?

  • For centuries athletes have done things to re-position their lower jaws forward during athletic competition
  • Recent studies have shown that re-positioning the jaw in a particular fashion causes decreased cortisol in the brain.
  • Decreased cortisol causes decreased fatigue during athletic competition

Iceberg Features:

  • Hand made, custom fit mouth guards that are cut for maximum respiration and breathability
  • Special edition "TMT" guards approved by Floyd Mayweather
  • Featuring an ultra-thin guard for athletes that hate the standard mouth guard size
  • Customizable colors and inspirational messages to give you the mental edge
  • Patent Pending Technology