Frequently Asked Questions

  • Product Questions

    • What colors do the custom guards come in?
      • Custom Guards come a variety of colors. The full color palette will be sent to you in a follow up email after you've placed your order
    • Are there instructions I need to follow when I place my custom guard order?
      • Yes. The process is east and is included in the impression kit you receive initially with your order. 
    • How do Custom Team Mouthguard Orders Work?
      • Custom team orders are priced per athlete (e.g. If you have a 10 person team, you should place an order for 10 custom team mouthguards)
      • After you've completed your order, our sale support team will reach out to the email provided and send you our Team order form where you can specify logos, colors and other customizations
      • If you are interested in placing an order for more than 20 mouthguards please contact:

    • Which countries, outside of the US, does Iceberg Guards ship to?
      • All countries
    • What are the shipping costs for Iceberg Guards?
      • A $12 USD flat fee is added to each order
    • How long does it take to ship an Iceberg Guard order?
      • 2-3 weeks. After you purchase your mouth guard, you'll be sent an impression kit w/ instructions. Once you've created your impression, you send it back to us and within about a week we send you your very own custom mouthguard 

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how to order

STEP 1: Find A Mouth Guard

step 2: Receive your Impression kit in the mail (PRESS PLAY--->)

step 3: send it back!

step 4: your New guard Arrives in about 2 weeks 


Not comfortable with taking your own dental impression? Visit our dental partner page to find a local ICEBERG GUARD affiliated dentist near you.